At Dominion Physical Therapy, we’re pleased to offer a full range of physical therapy services to individuals, employers and institutions including:

Work Hardening

A personalized, structured and goal-oriented approach to therapy designed to return patients to work in the shortest reasonable timeframe. Development of realistic goals for recovery, and appropriate therapy performed in a safe, controlled setting under the trained eye of our caring staff. The result is a progressive and safe restoration of the strength, endurance and confidence needed for swift and successful reemployment

Early Return to Work

As an employer, Dominion PT is your partner in managing your employees’ recovery and minimizing time lost from work. Our program uses a “care team” approach to identifying the steps needed for a patient to resume normal job functions. Working together with the patient and their employer, the team of physicians and nurses, clinical case managers, and Dominion’s skilled therapists then oversees the regimen with the goal of returning the patient to work at the earliest medically-responsible date. In addition to the therapy itself, we assist employers in identifying options for shortening the time needed to return to work. These can include shorter work hours, less physically demanding “transitional” duties, or even temporarily modified job responsibilities.

sports injury servicesSports Injury

Recovery from sports-related injuries involves targeted treatment to restore activity, strength, and motion following an injury and/or surgery. Physical therapy for this type of injury can teach patients specific exercises, stretches, and techniques, and employ specialized equipment to address problems that cannot be managed in any other fashion. Dominion’s goal is getting you back in the game!

Personal Injury

Following accidental injury, the road back to a normal routine can seem long and difficult. At Dominion, we are committed not only to identifying courses of therapy that will speed recovery, but also to personalized treatment that enhances comfort and builds confidence.

Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction Therapy

This painful condition can be extremely disruptive and disconcerting. Let Dominion’s caring staff help treat and manage your TMJ.

Back & Neck Pain TherapyNeck & Back Pain

Therapy for persistent neck and back pain can often produce remarkable results in terms of restoring mobility and relieving pain. In general, the goals of physical therapy are to decrease pain, increase function, and provide education on a maintenance program to prevent recurrences. In-office treatments in combination with home care and a regimen of moderate exercise may all be part of successfully speeding recovery in these instances.

Upper Extremity  & Hand Rehabilitation

Please call or have your physician contact us for more information.

Contract and Onsite Services

Dominion Physical Therapy & Associates is pleased to provide our professional services on and off premises on either an as-required or a contract basis to the employers, institutions and school systems of the Hampton Roads Area. Programs include:

  • Occupational and Speech Therapy (Pediatric only)
  • Pre-Employment Evaluations
  • Functional Capacity Analysis
  • Physical Evaluations, and
  • Workers’ Compensation Programs
  • Expert Medical Witness
  • Fall Prevention
  • Mobilized Wheelchair Evaluations

For more information or an appointment to discuss any of these services, please contact our main office  [757] 825-9446 and request more information.

Dominion Pediatrics is also a provider of Early Intervention Services. These are developmental services that are designed to meet infants’ or toddlers’ special developmental needs in a number of specialized areas including: gross and fine motor skill, physical, cognitive, language, speech, psycho-social development, or self-help skills.

Dominion Pediatric Therapy is open from 9am to 6pm Monday through Friday. Individual patient needs are accommodated by appointments both earlier and later than normal office hours.